Our Work

The following are a small selection of work that we have performed. Hopefully it will give you a good idea of what we do.

More pictures to come soon of recent work undertaken by TJR Engineering & Fabrication.

Bucket Repair

Our client had several large cracks appear on their rough terrain vehicle’s bucket. Damage to this extent would have caused the bucket to break away eventually; so we cleaned up the damaged area, reinforced it with a piece of steel, and painted over it to protect it.

Damaged Bucket

The damaged bucket as it appeared before we began our repairs.

Repaired and Reinforced Bucket

Our repair – the crack has been welded over and reinforced with a plate of steel.

Repaired and Painted Bucket

The completed repair – we painted over it to protect the metal.

Bin Jig Fabrication

Metal Preparation

The metal prepared for welding.

Partially Welded

Some of the parts have been welded up ready to be combined.

Built and ready for final coat of paint.

The bin jigs have been built and painted, awaiting the final coat of paint.

Completed bin jigs.

The bin jigs have been completed and delivered to our customer.

Hinge Repair

A repair on the hinge of a door on a client’s vehicle.

Broken Hinge

A hinge was broken on a client’s rough terrain vehicle.

Fixed Hinge

A hinge was broken on a client’s rough terrain vehicle.

Bin Tipper Repair

A repair a bin tipper which had a large crack.

Bin Tipper Repair -- Before

A large crack can be seen on this bin tipper.

Fixed Bin Tipper

The crack has been welded up.

Loading Ramp Repair

A repair on a loading ramp that had collapsed.

We have already stripped off the broken panels and replaced most of them..

The loading ramp repair has been completed and put into place for our client.

Pipe Repair

A hydraulic pipe has burst and required welding.

A large crack appears along the pipe joint.

The pipe’s crack has been welded and tested under pressure.

Shredder Replacement

A client tasked us with the replacement and installation of a new shredder.

The old shredder.

The new shredder.

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